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How to use ceno

This page should help to setup the basic steps using ceno.

  • Download ceno using Eclipse Marketplace (Help / Eclipse Marketplace... ). Search for "ceno". It is also possible to directly use the update-site: http://ceno.sourceforge.net/releases

  • In case no ceno server is running somewhere, it can be started from the eclipse toolbar

  • Define the bind-adress of your ceno server. Choose an internal Database or a dedicated MySQL Database. Database must be already created in advanced, but ceno creates all required tables.

  • Client can connect to ceno using the toolbar icon displayed in the following screenshot

  • ceno then asks for a server adresse to connect to. On your first login, a toggle to the "register mode" is required.

  • After ceno successfully connects to the server, it will decore your package explorer tree. This can be configured using eclipse' general preferences dialog.

  • In case everything worked well, you should be able to your username in the ceno client view.